In Need Some Retail Therapy Vampyre?

Vampires, Vampyre, Vampir, Vampyyri, Vampyras, Vampyr, Vampyras, Vampiro…

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed a fascination and a sneaky regard for these terrifying creatures of folklore and mythology.

And as much as I appreciate that this interest of mine will NOT be shared by everybody and in keeping with the ideas of ‘mischief’ to which Scoffern has attributed to the vampyre – I have created something of a fantastical store that seeks to offer those essential accouterments for any discerning hunter of the un-dead.

So without further ado – I am now going to unlock the door of the Monsignor Suárez Vampyre Slayer’s Emporium nestled somewhere in the All Hallows Hamlet…

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“Of all romances in miniature – perhaps this is the best shape in which romance can appear” ~ Lord Byron

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